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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services are provided by Reliable Home Health to individuals who need assistance with their communication and language skills. As well as sound production and articulation, speech therapy can also help develop literacy skills, problem-solving skills, and even social skills.

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certifies our speech-language pathologists in the state of Texas. Each individual's communication needs are met by a personable, knowledgeable, evidence-based approach. To improve the communication abilities and quality of life of our clients, our SLPs use a variety of activities and strategies.

In addition to conducting an interview with the patient or family member, Reliable Home Health also administers standardized tests and completes a physical examination. Following an assessment, our SLPs will develop a treatment plan tailored to the patient's goals and objectives. A variety of settings may be used, including playgroups or one-on-one sessions, depending on the patient's age. Conversations can focus on work, home life, or any other topics based on the individual's needs.

We provide our SLPs with professional resources such as additional therapies like sign language training and specialized auditory processing programs, which help them provide personalized care.


Our goal at Reliable Home Health is to provide our patients with only the highest quality speech therapy services through close collaboration with their families. From day one, we have known that strong relationships between therapists and clients are essential for successful outcomes.


Our team is ready to assist you, please fill out our contact us form today or call us at (254) 772-1025

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