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Occupational Therapy

As a form of specialized health care, occupational therapy helps patients maintain and achieve optimal levels of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Assessing clients' abilities, developing treatment goals, and determining what activities will help them function well and feel good is part of the occupational therapist's job.

We offer occupational therapy services to improve the quality of life for those with physical or cognitive disabilities at Reliable Home Health. Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan based on their unique needs. Evidence-based methods are used to identify areas of difficulty, develop strategies to address them, and promote engagement in meaningful activities that will benefit both physical and mental health.


Among our team members are rehabilitative professionals with extensive experience in therapeutic interventions and psychological principles. Physical impairments, sensory impairments, mental health concerns, developmental delays, aging-related challenges, and more can all be assessed by our occupational therapists. Utilizing techniques such as body mechanics training, assistive technology evaluations, hand therapy programs, functional assessments, and customized intervention plans, they provide comprehensive treatments tailored to each patient's needs.


As part of our services at Reliable Home Health, we also provide individual counseling focused on helping patients cope with everyday stressors that may hinder their progress. Our goal is to provide our clients with resources related to nutrition counseling and support groups so that they can build healthier habits within their daily lives.

By utilizing effective strategies tailored to each individual's unique situation, we are able to help individuals reach their fullest potential with regard to occupational performance.


Our team is ready to assist you, please fill out our contact us form today or call us at (254) 772-1025

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